Aims & Objectives


The aims and objectives of the FOUNDATION are:

a) To assist orphans and other vulnerable persons/groups and provisions of relief materials to disaster victims.
b) To help the less privileged in facilitating access to medical care, to pay the medical bills that the foundation can afford and engage in appeal funds for those that they can’t afford.
c) To facilitate access to education for the under privileged, the orphans and those in need.
d) To promote the welfare of the underprivileged by providing those things that are considered the basic necessities of life-food, clothing, improvement on accommodation and shelter.
e) To build the minds of young persons and sensitize them for a better society.
f) To do charity to the needy in the society.
g) To provide education to the less privilege.
h) To enhance the development of youth education and assist the less privilege in the area of education.
i) To provide trainings and awareness campaign through peer health educators to communities on health and related issues.
j) To assist in creating jobs through skills acquisition training program for local communities.